Friday, October 10, 2014

My long hiatis

Hello friends. I know I haven't posted in awhile. I'm sorry! I promise I will promptly be back to it soon. Things have gotten a little hectic, My work schedule changed 9-6 instead of 6-2 which has been awesome because if you'll learn one thing about me its that I dislike waking up and having to function before 8 in the morning. I am a bankers hours kinda girl all the way! It has been an adjustment though. Doesn't leave many hours before bed time to get dinner and housework done...and you know RELAXING! The business I currently temp for is up for sale as of October 24th so there may be another change in the near future...called unemployment :/ Oh the joys of temping! Anywho there is my update.

So it's fall now and like many cooks/bakers/gardeners its the season for pumpkins and apples. Harvesting, baking, consuming. Usually during this time I am pumpkin crazy, everything and anything i can put pumpkin in, I do. However this year I am gonna try and give my other fall passion a little rub of love...


This weekend I am going to a local orchard and I'm gonna buy some different varieties. I plan on homemade applesauce, apple butter and I found this recipe  called Apple gooey cake which looks and sounds like it's right up my alley...apples and goo... makes me feel all warm and sticky :)

So not to worry... I'm still here and I haven't forgot about you my friends and I have plans!

Til then,